University of York

Fast Facts and Figures about the University
(York, England, UK)

Here are some useful facts and figures about the University of York.

  • York University Established / Founded: 1963 with just 200 students
  • Locations and Campus: Heslington, on the outskirts of York
  • Area: the county of Yorkshire
  • Number of Colleges at York University: 8 colleges, including Alcuin, Derwent, Goodricke, Halifax, James, Langwith, Vanbrugh and Wentworth
  • Notable University Departments: more than 30 departments covering Arts, Science, Engineering, and Social Science
  • Enrollment: over 10,000 students including more than 1,500 overseas students
  • Number of Staff at York University: over 3,000
  • Start Date: autumn term - October to December, spring term - January to March, summer term - April to June
  • Attendance at York University: full-time - approximately 9,700 / part-time - approximately 1,800
  • York University Societies and Clubs: nearly 100 societies including history, art, ballet, astronomy, bridge, comedy, opera and numerous sports facilities and clubs, with over 40 acres / 16 hectares of playing fields

York University

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