York University

University Colleges and Facilities
(York, Yorkshire, England, UK)

York University operates an unusual and successful collegiate system, whereby individual colleges are treated as small communities, with their own student unions, societies, events, constitutions, bars, and accommodation.

There are currently eight colleges at York University, based around the scenic lake. Each university college is home to a number of different departments and named after famous places or people with connections to the York area.

Alcuin College

Opened at the end of 1969, Alcuin College is the third of York University's
colleges and features rooms for around 300 students, a coffee shop / bar, and three main common rooms. Alcuin College is named after scholar and teacher Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus and is home to a number of different departments, including Economics and Related Studies, Defence Economics, Health Economics, Health Sciences and Science Education.

Derwent College

Founded by York University in 1965, Derwent College was an early part of the university's expansion plan and stands close to both Heslington Hall and the village itself. Named after Derwent River, Derwent College contains rooms for around 280 students, together with staff flats, a large dining hall, a bar and two main common rooms. Departments at York University's Derwent College include both Philosophy and Politics.

Halifax College

A modern college with excellent facilities, Halifax College has become of one the largest at York University. More than 1,000 students study at Halifax College, with their accommodation being divided into eight different residential courts. College facilities include a café bar, pizza takeaway, student bar and a launderette.

James College

Dating back to the 1990s, James College is named after the first Vice Chancellor of York University, Lord James. The college has expanded over the years and features a stylish café lounge, complete with stunning lakeside views.

Langwith College

Open by Queen Elizabeth II at the end of 1965, Langwith College is one of the original colleges at York University, and an important part of the site's history. Named after nearby Langwith Common, the college comprises the departments of both English and Education, and is also known for its large, outdoor chess boards.

Goodricke College

Goodricke College is home to around 1,000 students, with more than 300 living onsite, in college accommodation. Opening during 1968, York University's Goodricke College can be found on the southwestern side of the lake and is named after famous local astronomer, John Goodricke.

Vanbrugh College

Vanbrugh College opened its doors towards the end of 1968 and is named after acclaimed architect Sir John Vanbrugh. Part of York University's continued development, Vanbrugh College contains a large dining room, three common rooms and lodging for around 200 students, with further accommodation nearby at Fairfax House. Departments at Vanbrugh College include History and also the History of Art.

Wentworth College

Wentworth College is for graduates only and contains excellent facilities, including areas devoted to arts, theatre and music. Home to York University's 500 graduates, Wentworth College is named after English statesman Thomas Wentworth and contains the Sociology Department.

York University

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